Plant List and Prices

Our growing season runs primarily from June through October. Below is a general list of flowers by season.

Early season (June-July, lots of pastels)
Yarrow                        Bells of Ireland
Sweet William             Sweet Peas
Statice                         Queen Anne's Lace
Cosmos                       Scabiosa
Larkspur                       Nigella
Bachelor Button           Ranunculus & Anemones (April/May)

Midseason (July-September, big color ranges)
Zinnias                        Lisianthus
Sunflowers                  Gomphrena
Celosia                        Black-eyed Susan
Amaranthus                Gladiolia
Aster                           Ageratum and Strawflower

Late season (September-October, bold autumn colors)
Dahlias                       Ornamental Peppers and Grasses
Snapdragon                Marigolds
Chrysanthemum         Eucalyptus

Please note that this is by no means a complete list; please call for specific colors and peak bloom times.  In addition, we succession plant our most popular varieties to ensure a good supply throughout the growing season.  We also utilize fragrant herbal fillers  in our bouquets and arrangements such as mints, dill, scented basils, lavender and eucalyptus.

Bunch, single variety-$6.00-$8.00.  Stem count varies depending on variety.
Farmers Market  bouquet- $10.00 and up.
Bucket of mix flowers, $40.00 and up.  Perfect for DIY brides and other events.  What's in your bucket?  A custom color blend of focal and filler flowers for easy arranging.  Approximately 80 stems.  Large flowers, ie. dahlias priced separately.

Subscription service- Sunday delivery-
$15.00/week or $50.00/month
Click on "Sunday Bouquets" for
registration form.
Custom arrangements-call for prices


Muth Farm Flowers at Haddonfield Farmers' 
Market on Saturdays 
Kings Court
May 18th-Oct. 12th

Sea Isle City Farmers' Market on Tuesdays 
8am-1pm  Excursion Park
June 21st-August 27th.

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